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What is OommoO

An acronym for ‘One of many, many of One’ – OommoO is a one woman theatre series that depicts the true life events of a 1st generation ImMigrant Lula Berhane, as she navigates the duality of two cultures, her Habesha (Eritrean/Ethiopian) heritage and British identity.

A modular live show, OommoO is presented with a cinematic sensibility interweaving language + customs with innovative high tech storytelling tools like the wearable tech MiMu gloves and stitches the story together with visuals+music+soundscape to teleport you to a different world. It is an emotionally visceral, poetic reflection of an experience unpacked through an Afro-Futuristic East African lens.

OommoO is neither a musical, drama or gig theater… It is a new kind of storytelling.


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About the Artist

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LULA.XYZ (Lula Mebrahtu) is an award winning multidisciplinary artist at the intersection of Art, Music & Tech. Unconventional thinker with technology as her enabler, she is breaking norms. Her artistic expression is a sensory experience garnering support and success across multiple fields. Credits include: North Star Fading Animation (shortlisted for an inspiration award); Lead in feature film Semret (2022); BBC Documentary long-listed for an Amnesty award; Oram Award for innovation in sound. 


‘I don’t believe in monogamy in art!” 


Using her voice to liberate truth, Lula speaks about a lived experience past, present and future. Her soulful timbre, which carries the weight of her heritage, facilitates transcendence. As a pioneering practitioner of the wearable tech MiMU Gloves (midi gestural controller), she makes levitation through sound waves possible. 


“One of 2019 most breathtaking discoveries, @LULA.XYZ created an unforgettable performance around her mesmerizing stage presence."

-MoogFest, North Carolina

In 2018, Lula gave the MiMU gloves their theatre premiere in the children’s play ‘Ruffus Longbottom & The Space Rabbit.’ And currently, she is preparing to take her one woman show OommoO to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This production will be her debut as a writer.


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